Environment Under Review


UNEP Live is a global knowledge management platform that meets the universal demand for environmental information and data at global, regional, national and local levels to keep the environment under review. It provides a UNEP-wide system to track progress towards meeting global environmental goals; enhances coordination within the UN family and enables collaboration amongst communities of practice, experts, indigenous peoples and civil society.

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Global Environment Alert Service

UNEP Global Environmental Alert Service (GEAS) is a mechanism for identifying, selecting and communicating early warning information on emerging issues to decision makers on a regular basis across...
January 2014 issue: The future of the Aral Sea lies in transboundary co-operation

UNEP's Environment Under Review Sub-Programme

The Environment Under Review sub programme aims to contribute to sustainable development and improved well-being through empowering stakeholders at global, regional and national levels. It aims to do this by providing open web platforms, services and access to timely, substantiated knowledge about the environment and emerging issues and by strengthening capacities to make use of substantiated knowledge in decision-making. To do this, the work of the sub-programme will build on existing investments and efforts, successful activities, networks and partnerships, recognized good practices and comparative advantage of UNEP in the areas of data analysis and assessments.


The new UNEP Live knowledge platform is designed to support the United Nations Environment Assembly in keeping the environment under review. It is UNEP's knowledge management platform which brings together archived and current information for bridging the science-policy interface and helping to develop actionable policies.

During Phase 1 of the UNEP Live platform development, country and global statistics from the United Nations Statistical Department and the UNEP Environmental Data Explorer were added. Also included are charts and maps sourced from the UN and other sources. Besides country and regional pages, the platform also contains showcases on themes related to the Arctic, Air-Quality-Health-Climate Change and Measuring Progress. As development continues, countries will have an opportunity to store, publish and decide on the data they want to make available through UNEP Live. This will be pilot-tested with 3-4 countries initially. During this International year of Small Island Developing States, UNEP will also be developing a page for SIDS.


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