UNEP Brussels Office

The Liaison function is focused both on closely following environmental policy-making at the EU level and contributing to policy shaping for sustainable development.

The office was set up in 2001 and its main activities encompass:

  • Gather information on new developments in European environmental policies and initiatives, maintaining a two-way flow of information between UNEP and the EU;

  • Maintain and activate a network of regular contacts with the EU institutions, the respective national delegations and other partners such as NGOs and European federations;

  • Increase UNEP's visibility in Brussels through participation in conferences and special events;
  • Promote and facilitate the development of joint EU-UNEP collaboration, programmes and projects on the basis of yearly consultations for identification of synergies;

UNEP Regional Office for Europe
Brussels Liaison Office to the EU
14 rue Montoyer
B-1000 Brussels
Tel: + 32 2 213 30 50
Fax: + 32 2 213 30 51
E-mail: unep-eu@unep.org


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