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The Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP)

STAP is an advisory body to the Global Environment Facility (GEF). GEF promotes international cooperation and fosters actions to protect the global environment and provides funding to developing countries and those with economies in transition for projects and activities targeting global benefits in one or more of four focal areas: biological diversity, climate change, international waters and the ozone layer. UNEP provides the STAP Secretariat and performs liaison functions between the Facility and STAP. The Panel comprises 12 persons appointed by the Executive Director of UNEP in consultation with UNDP, the World Bank and the GEF Secretariat.

The STAP mandate, as approved by the GEF Council in October 1995, includes:

* strategic advice as a means to advance a better understanding of issues of the global environment and how to address them;

* the development and maintenance of a Roster of Experts;

* selective review of projects;

* cooperation and coordination with the scientific and technical bodies of conventions;

* providing a forum for integrating science and technology as well as providing an important conduit between GEF and the wider scientific and technical community.