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The United Nations Development Group

The UNDG develops policies and procedures that allow member agencies to work together and analyse country issues, plan support strategies,implement support programmes, monitor results and advocate for change.

These initiatives increase UN impact in helping countries achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), including poverty reduction.

The UNDG "founding members" are the four funds and programmes that report directly to the Secretary-General: UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA and WFP. They are members of the UNDG Executive Committee. The High Commissioner for Human Rights is Ex-Officio member of this Committee. The Executive Committee focuses on reforming the work methods of the funds and programmes and manages the mechanisms of the UNDG. It meets every other month and is chaired by the Administrator of UNDP.

The full membership of UNDG has grown to 25, plus five observers, including the World Bank. The Group meets at least three times a year to decide on issues related to country level coordination to achieve the MDGs.

More information on the structure of UNDG, the Programme of Work of the UNDG, the Guidelines on various issues like the preparation of Common Country Assessments (CCAs) and United Nations Developments Assistance Frameworks (UNDAFs), the engagement of the UN at the country level with the PRSP process, Joint Programming, and information on individual CCAs and UNDAFs and many more issues related to the work of UNDG, on the UNDG website.