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UNEP Baobab Awards

The UNEP Baobab Staff Awards programme was established in 2007 to recognize and reward exceptional performance and dedication to achieving the goals of UNEP. It takes its name after the Baobab Tree, which symbolizes strength, power and resilience.

The programme is an initiative launched by the Executive Director of UNEP within the framework of the wider human resources management reform being undertaken. It provides staff members with an opportunity to express their appreciation for the achievements of their colleagues and for the cooperation and support they have received from their peers and managers by nominating them for a UNEP Baobab Award.

The award is open to all UNEP staff worldwide, including staff working for the UNEP Multilateral Environmental Agreement Secretariats.

The Five Awards Categories at a glance

Environmental Service Award: open for staff members at all contract levels who have demonstrated outstanding efforts and dedication to enhance environmental sustainability and conservation at local, national, regional or international level.

Managerial Service Award: open for staff members from level P3/L3 up to USG (supervising a minimum of two professional staff) who have demonstrated exemplary managerial skills and leadership and promoted a work environment where staff achieve, learn and grow.

Professional Service Award: open for staff members from level P1/L1 up to D1/L6 and UNVs who have demonstrated exemplary professionalism, efficiency, resourcefulness, innovation and creativity.

Support Service Award: open for staff members from level G1 to G7 who have provided consistent and exceptional support and have often gone above and beyond their duties to provide high quality of service.

Team Award: open for cross-divisional or intra-divisional teams which have exhibited exceptional performance and dedication to achieve a common goal or mission.

The selection process to identify the winners in each of the five awards category is divided in four phases:

  1. Online nomination open to all UNEP and UNEP MEA Secretariats' staff holding a contract of one year or more;
  2. Eligibility review process carried out by an Awards Committee established yearly by the Executive Director based on expressions of interest from staff;
  3. Online popular voting open to all UNEP and UNEP MEA Secretariats' staff to shortlist the top-five candidates in each award category and
  4. Final selection undertaken by the Executive Director and the Deputy Executive Director in consultation with the Awards Committee.

The reward prize range from team building exercises to professional development opportunities for the winners.

The UNEP Baobab Staff Awards is at its second edition. The 2007 winners set the bar very high for others to follow, providing outstanding examples of professional and personal commitment to UNEP and the global environment. The 2008 edition of the awards is currently undergoing with over 60 nominations received.