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Executive Director Achim Steiner's Policy Statement to the GC meeting in Bali

Bali, 24 February 2010 - It was your ambition as ministers responsible for the environment - working through your Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum - that has set the reform direction for UNEP over the past 12 months and indeed the past four years.

It has been the ambition of the secretariat to translate that into developing UNEP as a key entity within the UN system better able to meet your requirements for the challenges of the 21st century.

Today in this policy statement I would like to outline what the UNEP Secretariat has achieved on your behalf in terms of realizing what I have termed the UNEP+ agenda.

This has involved evolving UNEP onto a higher level of performance by better utilizing and focusing the existing mandate and programme of work.

Your ambition of making the environment more relevant and central to policy-making is indeed emerging at the national, as well as at the global and regional level.

I would also like to reflect on the shared ambition for this GC/GMEF here in Bali.

Finally I would like to outline some thoughts on the future as we collectively look to this year's review of the Millennium Development Goals and the first Rio plus 20 preparatory meeting in May 2010 in advance of the conference in 2012 in Brazil.

The next two years may well represent a defining moment for the GC/GMEF and the way it wishes to inform the discourse within the UN's General Assembly.

A defining moment too in terms of the ambition you and the world have for the influence and performance of the environmental pillar of sustainable development.

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