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Rule 69

1. International non-governmental organizations having an interest in the field of the environments, referred to in section IV, paragraph 5, of General Assembly resolution 2997 (XXVII), may designate representatives to sit as observers at public meetings of the Governing Council and its subsidiary organs, if any. The Governing Council shall from time to time adopt and revise when necessary a list of such organizations. Up the invitation of the President of Chairman, as the case may be, and subject to the approval of the Governing Council or of the subsidiary organ concerned, international non-governmental organizations may make oral statements on matters within the scope of their activities.

2. Written statements provided by international non-governmental organization referred to in paragraph I above, related to items on the agenda of the Governing Council or of its subsidiary organs, shall be circulated by the secretariat to members of the Governing Council of of the subsidiary organ concerned in the quantities and in the languages in which the statements were made available to the secretariat for distribution.