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1. Decides that a small secretariat shall be established in the United Nations to serve as a focal point for environmental action and co- ordination within the United Nations system in such a way as to ensure a high degree of effective management;

2. Decides that the environment secretariat shall be headed by the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, who shall be elected by the General Assembly on the nomination of the secretary-general for a term of four years and who shall be entrusted, inter alia, with the following responsibilities:

(a) To provide substantive support to the Governing Council, of the United Nations Environment Programme;

(b) To co-ordinate, under the guidance of the Governing Council, environment programmes within the United Nations systems, to keep their implementation under review and to assess their effectiveness;

(c) To advice, as appropriate and under the guidance of the Governing Council, intergovernmental bodies of the United Nations system on the formulation and implementation of environmental programmes;

(d) To secure the effective co-operation of, and contribution from, the relevant scientific and other professional communities in all parts of the world;

(e) To provide, at the request of all parties concerned, advisory services for the promotion of international co-operation in the field of the environment;

(f) To submit to the Governing Council, on his own initiative or upon request, proposals embodying medium-range and long-range planning for United Nations programmes in the field of the environment;

(g) To bring to the attention of the Governing Council any matter which he deems to require consideration by it;

(h) To administer, under the authority and policy guidance of the Governing Council, the Environment Fund referred to in section III below;

(I) To report on environmental matters to the Governing Council;

(j) To perform such other functions as may be entrusted to him by the Governing Council;

3. Decides that the costs of servicing the Governing Council and providing the small secretariat referred to in paragraph 1 above shall be borne by the regular budget of the United Nations and that operational Programme costs, Programme support and administrative costs of the Environment Fund established under section III below shall be borne by the Fund;