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9th Special Session of the Governing Council /
Global Ministerial Environment Forum
7 - 9 February 2006, Dubai, UAE
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UNEP 2005
Annual Report


Our Planet
Renewable Energy

English version
Edition française
Versión española

[Download PDF]

GEO Year Book 2006
Outlines the state of the global and regional environment, with a special focus on energy and air pollution.
Web site.

English version
Edition française
Versión española


Challenges to International Waters: Regional Assessments in a Global Perspective
Global International Waters Assessment (GIWA) Final Report
Launched in Dubai

The Hydrogen Economy
A non-technical review of the issues and challenges in moving to a hydrogen-based energy system released on the occasion of the 9th UNEP GC/GMEF. More>>


Our Planet
Energy, Finance and Climate Change

[english] [ français]

Bali Strategic Plan for Technology Support and Capacity Building
[english] [ français]

Johannesburg Plan of Implementation
World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg 2002)
[English] [ Français ] [ Castellano]


Financial Risk Management Instruments for Renewable Energy Projects
Appropriate risk management tools can help remove some of the barriers to financing Renewable Energy Technology (RET) projects, particularly in developing countries where risk and risk perceptions are highest. That is why UNEP is working on a comprehensive overview of currently available and potential financial risk management instruments for Renewable Energy Technology (RET) projects. Download (PDF, 397 KB)

  Chemicals Management
 Tourism & the Environment

Sustainable Tourism: The Tour Operators' Contribution  
The Tour Operators´ Initiative (TOI), a diverse group of over 20 tour operating companies, ranging from small specialised operators to some of the biggest names in the business, including First Choice and TUI AG, has released a new publication - Sustainable Tourism: The Tour Operator's Contribution - that showcases efforts to promote environmentally friendly and social responsible tourism in the tour operator's sector. More>>

Making Tourism More Sustainable: A Guide for Policy Makers

More UNEP Tourism Publications