United Nations Environment Programme

environment for development

10th Special Session of the Governing Council /
Global Ministerial Environment Forum

The Principality of Monaco, 20-22 February 2008
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UNEP 2007 Annual Report
Provides an overview of the organization’s contribution to the fight against climate change.

UNEP year book 2008
(formerly the GEO Year Book) is the fifth annual report on the changing environment produced by the UNEP in collaboration with many world environmental experts.

Our Planet
Maintaining Momentum :
Financing Action On Climate.

Climate Action
The high-profile publication and supporting website will assist institutional investors in analysing and comparing companies.

Plant for the Planet The Billion Tree Campaign
Conveys the range of partners that moved to action in the Billion Tree campaign:

Investing in a Climate for Change
Addresses the serious issue that climate change requires substantial investment in new technologies, processes and services.


African Rift Geothermal Energy Development Program
Will add low-cost power generation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase the security of power supplies, and promote economic development in six Rift Valley countries.

Participating in the Clean Development Mechanism
Energy, Climate, and Sustainable Development have conducted numerous projects to help developing countries participate in the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Financing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for Climate Change Mitigation
The Project will also assist local experts to develop investment projects for financing, and work with local authorities on energy policy reforms to support these investments.

Indian Sol Loan Programme
From 2003-2007, the Indian Solar Loan Programme worked with two of India’s largest banking groups – Canara Bank and Syndicate Bank - to provide consumer financing for solar photovoltaic home systems.

PROSOL - Programme Solaire
PROSOL worked with the Tunisian government, and the national electricity authority to help local banks begin lending forsolar hot water systems.

REED - Rural Energy Enterprise Development
REED initiative provides enterprise development and seed financing for clean energy entrepreneurs in developing countries.

SCAF - Seed Capital Assistance Facility
SCAF can help early stage clean energy enterprises
and projects in Asia and Africa access start-up seed capital from commercial energy investors.

SWERA - Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment
SWERA was principally supported by the Global Environment Facility, with additional support by UNEP, and the US National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA).

UNEP Projects and Greenhouse Gas Reductions
Many UNEP projects and programmes not only support and finance clean energy services in developing countries, they also offer a clear reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.