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Government Subsidies for Agriculture May Exacerbate Deforestation, says new UN report

Outdated and incoherent fiscal incentives are often the key underlying drivers of forest loss worldwide.
03/09/2015 00:00:00

Colombian Boy Wins Regional Award in UNEP's International Children's Painting Competition

01/09/2015 00:00:00

UNEP Announces European Winner of 24th International Children`s Painting Competition

Evdokia Bogacheva, aged 12 from Ukraine, wins first prize for the European Region.
01/09/2015 00:00:00

Low-Cost Device Can Revolutionize Air Quality Monitoring and Help Countries Prevent Deaths from Outdoor Pollution

31/08/2015 00:00:00

Largest Ever Citizen Consultation on Climate Change

#WWViews Report Summarized
28/08/2015 00:00:00

UNEP Executive Director Concludes Visit to Uganda

27/08/2015 00:00:00

Wastewater is an Underestimated Resource We Should Not Squander, Says New UN Study

From Argentina, to Finland, to Singapore - a new book highlights successful examples of converting wastewater to profit
26/08/2015 00:00:00

Preparedness Key to Avoiding Worst Consequences of Disasters

On World Humanitarian Day UNEP provides guidance to help communities cope with technological hazards and environmental emergencies
19/08/2015 00:00:00

Homegrown Experts to Tap into Africa's 20,000 MW Geothermal Energy Thanks to New Excellence Centre

With an estimated potential of 20,000 MW, geothermal energy could provide an answer to the continent's energy shortage.
13/08/2015 00:00:00

Egyptian Experimental Farm Reveals Possible Market for 'Sewage Farming' Agricultural Products

13/08/2015 00:00:00

China's 2015 Sustainable Consumption Week Aims to Green the World's Second Largest Private Consumer Market

China Sustainable Consumption Week aims to change the current consumption patterns.
08/08/2015 00:00:00

Pacific efficient light strategy will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and generate energy and financial savings

By implementing the measures identified in the strategy, the region will reduce its electricity consumption for lighting by 36 per cent per year, save the region over US$ 1.7 billion by 2030, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 4.6 million tonnes over the same time period.
06/08/2015 00:00:00

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