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Indonesia targets catastrophic wildfires, climate change with historic move to protect peatlands

- Drained and burned peatlands are responsible for up to 5 per cent of anthropogenic carbon emissions
- 2015 Indonesian peat fires caused economic losses of US$ 16.1 billion
- At their worst, daily emissions from Indonesia's peat fires were greater than those of the entire US economy

06/12/2016 00:00:00

Scientists shine a spotlight on the overlooked menace of nitrogen

- United Nations and scientists bring together USD $60 million for new international management system to fight nitrogen pollution
- Indispensable to life on earth, reactive nitrogen is a dangerous pollutant of air, water and soil, when released in large quantities

05/12/2016 00:00:00

Ministers commit to integrate biodiversity into key economic sectors in order to achieve global biodiversity targets.

- Ministers of Environment, Agriculture, Tourism , Fisheries and Forestry agree on urgent coordinated action to advance progress on biodiversity targets
- Meeting adopts Cancun Declaration on Mainstreaming the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity for Well-Being
- Countries also announce ambitious commitments in support of Aichi Targets

05/12/2016 00:00:00

International insurance regulators establish forum to address sustainability issues

05/12/2016 00:00:00

West African countries ban Europe's dirty fuel imports

Cleaner fuel to reduce air pollution for more than quarter of a billion people
05/12/2016 00:00:00

Six environmental leaders receive Champions of the Earth award - UN's top environmental prize

President of Rwanda, Australian eco-innovator, Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy, Indian organizer of world's largest beach clean-up, Honduran indigenous activist Berta Cáceres, and veteran Mexican biologist all lauded
03/12/2016 00:00:00

Loopholes in regulations allow illegal logging to thrive worldwide

- Strict laws in some countries re-route illegal timber to less regulated markets
- New report shows increased involvement of organized crime in illegal logging
- Almost one-third of tropical timber traded worldwide may come from illegal forest land conversion

03/12/2016 00:00:00

Cristiana Pasca Palmer of Romania appointed as Executive Secretary of the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity

01/12/2016 00:00:00

More than 190 Governments prepare to take tough decisions to stop biodiversity decline worldwide

- Governments need to ramp up efforts to stop biodiversity decline in light of pessimistic reports.
- Time running out on global efforts to meet biodiversity targets with 2/3 still off track
- Countries to focus on the value of biodiversity to engage other economic sectors as means of halting degradation
- Ability to achieve the SDGs and the Paris Agreement is at stake

01/12/2016 00:00:00

Calls for greater collaboration to enhance resource efficiency and economic growth

Business leaders, scientists and policy-makers reflect on ways to enhance environmental sustainability
19/11/2016 00:00:00

New peatland coalition targets cutting climate change, saving thousands of lives

- Drained and burned peatlands are responsible for up to 5 per cent of anthropogenic carbon emissions
- Peat carbon stocks hold the equivalent of at least 60 per cent of all atmospheric carbon
- 2015 Indonesian peat fires contributed to 100,000 premature deaths and cost US$ 16.1 billion

17/11/2016 00:00:00

New Analysis Shows Scale of International Commitment to Tackle Illegal Wildlife Trade: Over $1.3 Billion Since 2010

17/11/2016 00:00:00

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