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The Inception Meeting for the UNEP Africa Marine and Coastal Programme
UNEP Headquarters-Gigiri
Nairobi, Kenya
10 November, 2011

Programme objectives

The overall objective of the proposed programme is to assist in implementing UNEP’s Marine and Coastal Strategy in Africa for ‘prosperous and healthy oceans and coasts where conservation, productivity and resource use are sustainable’. 

The proposed programme has five interlinked specific objectives and respective components:

  1. To conserve and sustainably use marine and coastal ecosystems for improved livelihoods and enhanced application of integrated adaptive ecosystem-based approaches. This objective will contribute to: decisions CP6/1, CP6/3, CP 5/1, CP 5/2 and CP 5/3 (Nairobi Convention) and CP8/1 and CP8/4 (Abidjan Convention).
  2. To provide decision-makers with web-based information on the value of marine and coastal ecosystems services including socio-economic assessments of the most vulnerable cities and communities through national and regional integrated assessments.This objective will contribute to: decisions CP6/3 and CP 5/3 (Nairobi Convention) and CP8/5 (Abidjan Convention).
  3. To facilitate countries to ratify and implement protocols concerning the protection, development and management of the coastal and marine environment from pollution from land-based sources and activities. This objective will contribute to: decisions CP6/1 and CP 5/1 (Nairobi Convention) and CP8/1 (Abidjan Convention).
  4. To integrate EBM approaches including resilience building, vulnerability reduction and adaptation to climate change development and planning processes through strengthening integrated management capacities in the marine and coastal sector.   This objective will contribute to: decisions CP6/3 and CP 5/3 (Nairobi Convention) and CP8/5 (Abidjan Convention).
  5. To improve environmental governance for sustainable management of marine and coastal ecosystem at regional and national levels through improved intergovernmental dialogues, information exchange and improved transboundary policies and laws based on ecosystems management principles.This objective will contribute to: decisions CP6/and CP 5/1 (Nairobi Convention) and CP8/1 and CP8/6 (Abidjan Convention).

Expected outcomes

The expected outcomes of the programme will be improved environmental governance, promotion of synergies and strengthened coordination mechanisms of regional initiatives for the protection, management and development of the marine and coastal environment in Africa.  

The programme will be implemented by the Nairobi Convention and Abidjan Convention in partnership with Contracting Parties to the two conventions, national institutions and regional organisations in their respective areas of jurisdiction.




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