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IT Regional Advisors for Central and Eastern Europe

Languages: Russian, English, Uzbek

Damir Amirov is a consultant with 8+ years of professional experience in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). He holds a degree in Software Engineering from Technological Institute in Uzbekistan and MSc in Information Systems from the University of Leeds in UK.

Damir has an extensive experience of using ICT for development (ICTD) with particular emphasis on the role of ICT in new political, social, business and industrial environment. He is an accomplished software developer specializing in web, multimedia and database based application design. He possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in the design, development and management of information systems involving client-server database interaction. His research interests are oriented towards distributed information systems and virtual working environments. He is also interested in new challenges in software engineering, database technology, human-computer interaction, distance learning technologies, e-government, e-business, and e-readiness assessment. For over five years, Damir has driven innovation in the use of ICT to accelerate and enhance quality of scientific and educational information provision in Uzbekistan. He supervised several projects including ICT Glossary, Virtual knowledge supermarket, Expertise process management system, Electronic English-Uzbek dictionary. He has been also involved in specific ICT trainings for government officials, students and representatives of international organizations.

Since 2000 Damir has been actively involved as a national consultant for UNDP Digital Development Initiative programme working on a number of ICT development related projects. He is also a member of a number of IT related committees and expert groups, expert on ICT of the Expert Council on scientific and investment projects in Uzbekistan.

Languages: Russian, English

Boris Korotkov is currently IT Manager of USAID Economic Reform Project in Uzbekistan and has 12+ years of IT experience.

During his carrier he was 7 years of softwareand hardware support specialist, installed and maintained WAN & LAN, supported end-users, used following OS platforms: Windows 9x/2000/XP, Linux FC2, Novell NetWare 4.11; 10 years of software developer, excellent team builder and team leader skills, a lot of programs have been developed with following tools: Borland Delphi 3/5, Visual Basic 5/6/.NET, VB for Office applications, Java JDK 1.3; 6 years of software trainer. During this period he trained more than 500 people with good feedbacks, developed 20 individual courses, supervised of 5 diploma projects, took a part in accreditation of education center. He was 8 years database developer, created study and real databases with help of DBase, FoxPro, MS Access, SQL Server 7.0/2000, MySQL, Oracle; 6 years of system administrator: Internet connectivity, server and web-server management, backup, analyze and security issues. Finally he was 5 years of web developer and web project manager. He has strong experience in newest Web technologies and successfully used them. In Particular HTML/DHTML/XML, DOM, SOAP, SSL, WML, SSI, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET.

Languages: English, Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian, Macedonian

Vida Marolt  Parabucki is IT professional working on different positions in IT industry from development to organizing and delivery of IT education for past 25 years. Currently she works with multinational company on delivery of IT courses in South Eastern Europe and CIS countires. She organizes more than 20 events per week providing environment and instructors with adequate skills.

She participated in BCH I project as Regional IT BCH Advisor organizing and delivering national and global workshops for UNEP-GEF project for Capacity Building.

  • National Workshops conducted From 2005 till March 2009 in Latvia (2  workshops), Lithuania (2 workshop), Estonia (1 workshop), Slovenia (2 workshops), Czech+Slovak (1 workshop), Croatia (4 workshops),   Montenegro ( 1 workshop),   Belarus (1 workshop)

Global Workshops conducted:
  • EU – Ljubljana September 2007

  • Train the trainer – Geneva October 2007

  • Regional workshop for CEE and Asia – Kairo March 2008

  • Regional workshop for CEE and Asia – COP-MOP Bonn May 2008

  • Regional workshop for CEE and Asia –  Seul   December 2008

  • She participated in COP-MOP in Bonn in  May 2008 as member of Slovenian delegation.


Languages: English, Italian, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian

Srdjan Mihaljevic is currently Executive Manager of Prokrom Ltd., international trading company. His areas of expertise include capacity building in all areas of information technology, telecommunication and international trade. His experience spans eighteen (18) years of work in different state organizations like railway, pharmacies and private enterprise.

He was working as Chief Telecommunication Engineer in Montenegro Railways and has been involved as consultant in many projects on railways especially in telecommunications and information systems for railways, which have been financed by World Bank. He has been Manager of Information System of Public Pharmacy Institution of Montenegro and he has developed entire system for wholesale distributions of medicines and retail sales in pharmacies. He has also been involved in very extensive training of pharmacy employees. After successfully implementation of that project he has been appointed for Adviser for Pharmaceutical Information System in Health Insurance Fund in new project concerning restructuring system of supplying of medicines in Public Health System of Montenegro financed by World Bank and implemented in 2004.

He holds degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Montenegro and MSc in Electronic Engineering from the University of Zagreb in Croatia. He has also followed several computer related courses in Unisys Enterprise Application Environment (LINCII) and he has significant experience as LINCII Developer on A Series (ClearPath) systems.

He is fluent in English, Italian, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian languages.