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IT Regional Advisors for Pacific Islands
Samiuela Fonua
Language: English

Responsible for all support services of the Institute.Duties include establishing a central ICT system for the largest employer outside the government; develop all ICT policies and procedures; develop an appropriate ICT framework.
Member of the Pacific Regional Organisation ICT working group (CROP ICT) and the Regional ICT task force implementing the Pacific Digital Strategy.
Project manager of the Pacific node for the International Open Source Network (IOSN), a US$ 100,000 UNDP funded project.


Nasser Kaviani
Papua New Guinea
Languages: English, Persian

Nasser is currently an Information Systems, Communication and Technology Adviser to the Government of Papua New Guinea ("PNG"). He has over 20 years of experience in IT, system design and development, strategic planning, IT management, communication, networks, system implementation, and training in various government, commercial and academic environments in a number of developing and developed countries in Asia and the Pacific. His recent Capacity Development work as an Adviser to the PNG Ministry of Justice and Attorney General and the Ministry of the Lands and Physical Planning involved major IT infrastructure and communication building, systems development and implementation, and the training of hundreds of staff around the country. Prior to this, Nasser managed a Web and Internet Division in one of PNG's largest commercial IT solution providers and undertook over 40 major web development projects.

In New Zealand ("NZ"), Nasser was involved in numerous IT and agricultural mechanisation projects with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Lincoln University and Massey University. In these projects, Nasser had hands-on experience in all aspects of IT design, development and training, policy writing, strategic planning, and infrastructure development. For three years, he taught a comprehensive PC and Peripherals course at the Universal College of Education. Nasser has run a private IT consultancy and training business, which has provided many IT services to a wide range of clients in NZ and the Pacific (including the Kiribati Islands).

In Iran, Nasser worked as an Agricultural Consultant and Managing Director of a farming corporation with the Iranian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for three years. In this position, he was involved in practical farming, agriculture extension and development, capacity building, and the mechanisation of over 3000 hectares of land.

Nasser has a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Machinery, a Masters of Agricultural Science in Agricultural Engineering, and a Diploma in Information Technology. He has attended numerous professional seminars, workshops and technical training in the agriculture and IT fields. Nasser has published a number of articles regarding Agricultural Mechanisation in NZ.

Nasser is fluent in Persian and English. He has some knowledge of Arabic and PNG Tok Pisin.



Brazil, currently living in Tonga. 
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, and English

Paulo Siqueira has been working as an international consultant on Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) for several years. He is an UNEP-GEF BCH Regional Expert, and he has done consultancy for United Nations, World Bank, USAID in Pacific, Europe, Middle East , Latin America and Asia.

Mr. Siqueira has a strong background in ICT planning, systems development and administration, database management, web engineering, project development, and computer systems, in Open Source and Microsoft platforms.

Currently he is working in Tonga, with the Ministry of Health (World Bank project), as a Counterpart for Information Technology (IT Mentor). His previous work was with the Palestinian Central Election Commission, as an IT Adviser to the Head of IT (IFES-USAID project). During 2005 he worked in the same position through the UNDP-PPP / CIDA.

He is a former Site Manager for Latin America and Caribbean Technology Foresight project (ICS-UNIDO) and supported activities in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

In 2003-2005 he worked for IFES - International Foundation for Election Systems (USAID). During this period Mr. Siqueira planned, developed and implemented the Voter Registration System of East Timor, he also collaborated with the implementation of a capacity building plan and a sustainability program for the electoral office of East Timor. With more than 22 years of experience with ICT, Mr. Siqueira worked for the majors financial institutions in Brazil. He has a Bachelor Degree on Communication, with a Master Degree on Software Engineering. He is fluent is English, Portuguese, and Spanish.