Dr. Rosa Elena Simeon Negrin

The steadfast, committed and selfless work of Dr. Rosa Elena Simeón Negrín has been vital for fostering the notions of sustainability amongst and raising the environmental awareness of Cubans.
Women’s Environment & Development Organization (WEDO)

WEDO, established in 1990 by former U.S. Congresswoman Bella Abzug (1920-1998) and feminist activist and journalist Mim Kelber (1922-2004), brings together women from all around the world to take action in the United Nations and other international policymaking forums.
Dr. Tewolde Behran Gebre Egziabher

Dr Tewolde Berhan was born on 19 February 1940 in a small village near Adwa town in Tigray Region of northern Ethiopia.
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Dr. Massoumeh Ebtekar

Dr. Massoumeh Ebtekar served as Vice President of the Islamic Republic and Head of the Department of Environment from 1997-2005 during the reformist government of Seyyed Mohammad Khatami.
Dr. Mohamed El-Ashry

Dr. Mohamed T. El- Ashry currently serves as a Senior Fellow at the United Nations Foundation.
Prof. Tommy Koh Thong Bee

As President of Third UN Conference on the Law of the Sea (1980-1982) and as the Chairman of Preparatory Committee and of the Main Committee of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (1990-1992)...
  H. E. Mr. Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev

In 1970, he was elected to the USSR Supreme Soviet.
From 1971 till 1991, Gorbachev was a member of the Communist Party Central Committee.