H. E. Mr. Cherif Rahmani

H. E. Mr. Cherif Rahmani’s career has been guided by a profound commitment to the protection of our planet. As a Minister, he has worked tirelessly to greatly advance environmental law in Algeria. Under his guidance, new specialized institutions have been established with the aim of creating and implementing an environmental policy, which is at the service of sustainable development.

He has also established model financial and economic instruments aimed at promoting a tax system in Algeria based on international criteria that adhere to the polluter pays principle. He has brought a fundamental contribution to the implementation of the National Action Plan for Environment and Sustainable Development. This approach, adopted by the Algerian Government, is based on four major objectives: improving the health and quality of life; improving the productivity of natural capital; reducing economic losses and improving competitiveness; and improving the global environment (e.g. reducing greenhouse gases and impacts of climate change).

Mr. Rahmani has made significant contributions in his capacity as President of the Foundation ‘Deserts du Monde’ and as Honorary Spokesperson of the United Nations International Year of Deserts and Desertification. For example, the creation of the Institute of Deserts and the Museum of Deserts, the rehabilitation of Fort de Tinerkouk, the International Conference on the Biodiversity of Deserts (Brazil), the International Conference on Women and Desertification (Italy), the Second International Symposium on Desertification and Migration (Spain) and the International Scientific Conference on Deserts and Desertification (Tunisia), as well as the organization of the Third Festival of Cultures and Civilizations of the People of the Deserts.