Izabella Teixeira, Brazil
Champion of the Earth 2013 - Policy Leadership

We are witnessing a positive change in the way sustainable development is seen, and embraced, by policymakers.

Janez Potocnik, Slovenia
Champion of the Earth 2013 - Policy Leadership

Unless we change the way we produce and consume we will face a crisis in our natural resources. It is crucial that we make the necessary changes now rather than when we hit environmental tipping points.

Brian McClendon, USA
Champion of the Earth 2013 - Entrepreneurial Vision

Technology has evolved so quickly and there?s so much that can be changed by taking the power of computers and applying it to problems that have been vexing humanity forever.

Jack Dangermond, USA
Champion of the Earth 2013 - Entrepreneurial Vision

We are moving into a world where everything that changes and moves is measured and made available by way of the web to everyone. And that?s going to affect how people think and how they behave, how they act.

Veerabhadran Ramanathan, USA/India
Champion of the Earth 2013 - Science and Innovation

Policymakers across the world are realizing that through cost-effective actions such as reducing methane emissions from natural gas and oil production, major reductions in short-lived climate pollutants can be achieved, with significant add-on benefits for health and food security.

Pati Ruiz Corzo, Mexico
Champion of the Earth 2013 - Inspiration And Action

The problem was how to link the natural capital to the financial capital. How to recognize the services of this forest, of this jungle, of this biosphere reserve. To evaluate the bio capacity of the state ? it has been our main concern.

Carlo Petrini, Italy
Champion of the Earth 2013 - Inspiration And Action

Our mother Earth brings us together in a universal brotherhood, but also in the duty that we all must feel to defend nature, biodiversity, the quality of water and air and the fertility of soil. Because you can?t talk about food without talking about the environment.

Achim Steiner
UNEP Executive Director

The UN's flagship environmental award Champions of the Earth recognizes outstanding environmental leaders, thinkers and achievers who have stood up to be counted, often challenging the status quo, to usher a greener future.

Gisele Bündchen
UNEP Goodwill Ambassador

These people are contributing to making this world a better place?a beautiful place, one that recognizes the environment as key to all our futures.