Remarks by Mr. Tan Mingzhuo, Chief Executive Office, Guangdong Wealth Environmental Protection

Champions of the Earth Awards Ceremony 2013

Environmental Protection Brings us Together

Thank you very much, MC,

Honourable UNEP Executive Director Mr. Achim Steiner, distinguished Champions of the Earth Laureates, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

Today, I am much honored to be here with the global environmental elites to witness this important and glorious moment.

Everyone has a dream while young. Twenty-five years ago, as a student, I chose the major of environmental protection.? Ten years later, together with some like-minded partners in China we established Guangdong Wealth Environmental Protection Co., Ltd (Huixin).

I come from Jiangmen City, located in the Guangdong Province of China. Coincidentally, this is also the ancestral land of U.S. Ambassador to China- Gary Locke, who often says it took 100 years to move one mile. That, after all, is the distance separating the governor?s mansion in Washington State from the house where Locke?s immigrant grandfather once performed work as a servant. With that said, since the industrial revolution, it also took a hundred years of our global environmentalist community to seek how human beings and nature can work together. Perhaps we need a bit more time and efforts, but the laureates of the Champions of the Earth here today proved to be the angels who have been there and done that.

It is undeniable that environmental protection could be a rather difficult and long journey. Fortunately, we have encountered more and more like-minded friends on the pathway of transition to green economy. We have a Chinese saying called zh?ngzh?ch?ngch?ng, meaning "in union we found strength."? This is also the mandate of my company. It is therefore to say ?Environmental Protection brings us together.?

We have the corporate culture of ?Sharing, Innovation, Responsibility? and business philosophy of ?Public Good First, Corporate Profit Second and a Win-Win Cooperation?. As China's largest manufacturer of industrial wastewater purifying and sedimentation agents in China, we have dozens of patents and developed 14 national and industry standards in the Chinese environmental protection industry. We are the motivator of the acceleration of a more responsible and environmental friendly industry. I am also proud that as a Chinese enterprise, Guangdong Wealth Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. has also been able to attract the attention of U.S. investors with its superior market performance and outstanding products and services.

Like the laureates, Guangdong Wealth will continue to commit to the environment by providing more solutions for water crisis and to further enhance the awareness of sustainable consumption and production among business partners, public and government.

In this regard, we have the utmost confidence.?

Thank you all very much and I wish you a very pleasant evening.