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The Chemicals in Products (CiP) Project

The finalized Chemicals in Products Programme and the accompanying Programme Guidance can be found here.

UNEP-led activities in support of this SAICM emerging issue

The Chemicals in Products (CiP) project is an ongoing activity at UNEP on the policy and practical facets of access to information on the chemicals contained in everyday products. The activities focus on increasing the availability and access to the information actors need – throughout the life-cycle of products – so that they can properly manage those products and the chemicals in them.

The main activity of the CiP project is the implementation of the Chemicals in Products Programme (CiP Programme); the CiP Programme is the product of 7 years of research and stakeholder consultations and was welcomed by the SAICM Governing Body in 2015 (at ICCM4) as the means to advance on this complex issue.

UNEP has led the work on Chemicals in Products since 2008 and - at the invitation of ICCM4 - continues that work through facilitation of CiP Programme pilot and implementation activities, stakeholder awareness and capacity building.

These pages provide access to:

  • information on Chemicals in Products Programme participants and their activities which contribute to the Programme’s objectives
  • Chemicals in Products Programme documents
  • research results, analyses, meeting records, etc. related to UNEP’s activities under the CiP Programme and project.

For questions and further information please contact UNEP via cipprogramme<at>

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