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Freshwater under Threat South Asia: Crowded Land, Drying RiversFreshwater under Threat South Asia: Crowded Land, Drying Rivers

Rising temperatures are fast melting glaciers in the Himalayas, the origin of major rivers flowing across the Indian subcontinent. Reduced river flow can upset water balance for millions. Meanwhile, ...

George Schaller's message to the Year of the GorillaGeorge Schaller's message to the Year of the Gorilla

World renowned conservationist George Schaller, one of the first to look at gorillas from a modern, scientific perspective, gives a recount of his experiences and an outlook on the future and obstacl ...



Creeping DesertsCreeping Deserts

In West Africa,the Sahara desert is growing by thousands of square kilometres a year and the search for water for people and their animals becomes ever more desperate.

Swapping CropsSwapping Crops

For millenniums the people of southern Nepal have grown rice - in a country where the grain is a symbol of worship, other crops are considered unworthy. But monsoon rains, which rice cultivation so d ...