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UN Launches Global Climate Week: Hamburg Starts Week of Activities to Combat Climate Change
18/ 09/ 2009

UN Launches Global Climate Week: Hamburg Starts Week of Activities to Combat Climate ChangeHamburg 19, September 2009 - The first-ever Global Climate Week was officially launched today in the German city of Hamburg, kicking off a week of synchronised activity around the world for urgent action to combat climate change.

Hamburg, New York, Copenhagen, Mexico City and Nairobi are among the cities taking part in Global Climate Week from September 21-25, alongside corporations, community groups and individuals around the world.

Global Climate Week coincides with the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's Summit on Climate Change, at UN Headquarters in New York on 22 September.

The Secretary-General is leading the call for communities around the world to take advantage of the designated week to encourage leaders to seal a fair, balanced and effective agreement on climate change.

"I have called 2009 'the year of climate change'. No issue better demonstrates the need for global solidarity than climate change, the defining challenge of our generation. No issue is more essential to our future survival as a species. And no issue is more fundamental to long-term national security and sustainable prosperity," said the Secretary General.

Hamburg's Climate Week, running under the UN slogan "Seal the Deal!", aims to generate international awareness and to significantly contribute to helping world leaders during the UN-Climate conference in Copenhagen make decisions that will help steer economies and populations towards a healthy future.

Over 60 events will be taking place in Hamburg over the week. The opening ceremony is to take place at 1.00pm in the Hamburg Europa Passage that aims to showcase the effects of climate change in an interactive exhibition.

"We have to get the message across to the public, the private sector and to policy-makers that we are unlikely to get a second chance to begin delivering a low carbon, sustainable 21st century development path," said Professor em. Hartmut Graßl, Head of the Board of ALDEBARAN Marine Research & Broadcast, organizing the event in Hamburg.

"That is where Hamburg Climate Week and other events taking place under the Global Climate Week banner play a crucial role," he added.

A research boat, the ALDEBARAN, was last week hoisted onto Alster Lake - directly in front of the Europa Passage. Serving as a symbol for successful dialogue between science and the media, the public can learn about the results from the ship's research expedition when looking at the effects of climate change.

During their climate expedition to Central America in December, the ALDEBARAN will be reporting live on its research to the UN-Climate Summit in Copenhagen.

In a joint promotion between the UN Environment Programme and the International Union of Railways, there will also be high-tech exhibits in the main train stations in Brussels, Geneva, Vienna and Rome where commuters can sign the UN Climate Petition and find out more about what is at stake at the UN Climate talks in Copenhagen.

In East Africa, the Environmental Watch Association of Tanzania will stage a climate change workshop at Sokoine University with a Seal the Deal! theme.

In Washington, UNEP and John Hopkins University will stage a Global Climate Week conference which will bring together academics, students, climate experts, think tanks and the media.

As part of global activities, there will be a "Go Green Day" on 22 September when people everywhere are urged to wear something green, do something green and dress their school, workplace and town in green to show solidarity and urge world leaders to seal a deal in Copenhagen in December.

Communities, businesses and individuals are encouraged to add their voices to the Seal the Deal! campaign during Global Climate Week by signing the Climate Petition at to coalesce millions of signatures.

The Climate Petition is a consolidation of appeals supported by the UN Seal the Deal! campaign, the Global Coalition on Climate Action and other major campaigns. The petition will be presented by civil society to the governments of the world in Copenhagen.


Saturday 19th: Global Tree Planting Drive

Beginning on 19 September, each tree pledged or planted during Global Climate Week will carry the Seal the Deal! message ? a direct call for political action on climate change.

Sunday 20th: Climate Petition Day

People in every corner of the world are urged to go online and sign the Climate Petition which will be presented to the governments of the world at the UN Climate Change Meeting in Copenhagen in December.

Monday 21st: Climate Change Assembly Day

Young people around the world will hold peaceful assemblies in support of definitive global action on climate change, under the banner "Seal the Deal!"

Tuesday 22nd: Seal the Deal! Green Day,

Wear something green to show support and solidarity for sealing the deal in Copenhagen on the day the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, hosts world leaders at a UN High Level Event on Climate Change in New York.

Wednesday 23rd: Go Climate Neutral Day

Power down! Go climate neutral for the day in a personal show of support for a definitive agreement on climate change.

Thursday 24th: Climate Voices Day

Events and online activities will enable people around the world to have their voice heard on climate change and acknowledge the heroes and victims of climate change, including those groups who are taking positive action to combat climate change in their communities.

Friday 25th: Climate Solutions Day

It is not too late to change our habits and implement solutions so that humans stop harming the climate. Companies and individuals will showcase their green technology innovation at

To pledge your support and to share your planned activities for Global Climate Week go to
To sign the Climate Petition, go to
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is supporting the Internews Earth Journalism Awards to honour the best climate change reporting in the run up to Copenhagen:

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