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Friday 13th! Seal the Deal!: Let's Make Our Own Climate Luck
13/ 11/ 2009

Friday 13th! Seal the Deal!: Let's Make Our Own Climate Luck 13th November 2009, Nairobi, Kenya - Let's not leave the world's fate to luck, say climate change campaigners as part of the UN wide Seal the Deal! campaign on Friday 13th, a day that is perceived as lucky for some, unlucky for others.

Lady luck is being given a helping hand this year as Seal the Deal launches its new social networking tool – the Seal the Deal "Stamp your Avatar" service ahead of the crucial UN climate change talks in Copenhagen this December.

This will allow users to integrate their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Once a user has signed the Seal the Deal petition at they can post a status update to their Facebook Wall and stamp their Twitter avatar with the Seal the Deal logo.

"The lead up to the climate change conference is like the final act of a thriller where the ending is not yet decided, but we can still influence the outcome," said Satinder Bindra, Director of Communications for the United Nations Environment Programme.

"We wish to engage communities around the world encouraging them to be heard and be counted, whether that is in person, behind their computer or through their daily actions," he added.

"Seal the Deal's Stamp your Avatar service allows people to visibly show their support for the campaign right when it matters most."

Notes to Editors:

Seal the Deal! is a powerful climate change campaign led by the United Nations. Through online activities and special events, the campaign is mobilizing communities around the world to encourage governments to seal the deal on a fair, balanced and effective climate agreement when they meet in Copenhagen this December. Find out more at
To stamp your twitter avatar, go to:
To post a status update to your Facebook wall, go to:

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