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to climate change
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Reducing Emissions
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New finance models
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Economics and Finance

Economics and FinanceThe impacts of climate change are already resulting in economic losses around the world. Activities to adapt to the impacts of climate change also come with a range of costs, and associated implications for the need for financial investments. UNEP supports developing countries in assessing the risks posed by climate change and their economic implications, and in estimating the costs of adaptation to climate change impacts, including through economic analysis of adaptation options. In the process, countries gain an improved understanding of their adaptation investment requirements, and build a stronger basis for articulating their financing priorities and attracting capital. Through support provided by UNEP for national adaptation investment planning, countries will also be better able to prioritize, sequence, and integrate adaptation strategies into their development plans.

UNEP also provides countries support for accessing finance for adaptation. As a Multi-lateral Implementing Entity (MIE) of the Adaptation Fund, UNEP assists countries in developing and submitting adaptation project proposals to the Fund. In response to requests from several countries, UNEP will also provide support for the establishment of designated National Implementing Entities (NIE), through which countries can access the Adaptation Fund resources directly. UNEP’s support for access to financial resources will also extend to other sources of adaptation financing, and will include the provision of technical support to project formulation.

Economics of climate change adaptation

AdaptCost: Analysis of the Economic Costs of Climate Change Adaptation in Africa

Supporting access to adaptation finance