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Adaptation Knowledge Day III



“Effective Adaptation – from Principles to Practice”

Friday 18 May 2012, Gustav-Stresemann-Institut (GSI), Bonn


The full summary of the day can be accessed by clicking on this link: Minutes Adaptation Knowledge Day III


14:15 – 14.30          Opening and introductory remarks

 Welcome and a brief introduction to Adaptation Knowledge Days

 – Merlyn van Voore, UNEP

An introduction to the theme of the event

– Jane Ebinger, World Bank

A country perspective on adaptation effectiveness

– Daniela Goehler, BMU, Germany


14:30 – 16:00       Session 1: What is effective adaptation and how can we measure it?


Facilitator:             – Jason Spensley, UNEP

Setting the context:

Key findings and recommendations from international workshop: “Tracking Successful Adaptation.  Smart monitoring for good results” (7-8 May 2012 in Bonn)

Nadia Manasfi (GIZ) - Presentation


Panelist presentations and discussion:

- What is successful or effective adaptation?

- How can we practically measure adaptation? What could be some useful steps and indicators?

- What are some challenges and constraints for measuring adaptation? How could these be overcome?



– Jane Ebinger, World Bank

– Bonizella Biagini, GEF Secretariat - Presentation

– Bubu Jallow, Government of the Gambia Presentation

– David Kaluba, Government of Zambia - Presentation

– Charlotte Mack, ICF International -Presentation


16:00 – 16:15       Coffee/tea

16:15 – 18:00       Session 2: Moving from Principles to Practice with a focus on EBA - How can we assist planners select, design, implement and track effective interventions? 


Facilitator:             Ninni Ikkala, IUCN


Panel presentations on decision-support and capacity building needs and tools for practical EBA implementation:


EBA Decision Support Framework: Introducing a prototype framework for EBA design and implementation

– Ole Vestergaard, UNEP - Presentation


Draft principles and guidelines for integrating ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation in project and policy design

– Angela Andrade, Conservation International / IUCN - Presentation


Using the key results from evidence study to guide practical EBA implementation

– Nathalie Doswald, UNEP-WCMC - Presentation


Effective Adaptation – From Principles to Practice

– Kit Vaughan, CARE International   - Presentation


Building Coastal Resilience for Climate Adaptation and Hazard Mitigation

 – Michael Beck, the Nature Conservancy (TNC) - Presentation


Audience feedback session and discussion


     18:00 – 18:15       Conclusions and closing remarks

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