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The Dams and Development Project (DDP) was a time bound project hosted by UNEP financed with contributions of donor countries. A multistakeholder Steering Committee representing the wider Dams and Development Forum provided guidance to UNEP on project substantive matters. The DDP was established in November 2001 in response to a request of the Third Forum meeting of the World Commission on Dams (WCD) for a neutral entity to take forward the consideration of the WCD recommendations into local contexts through promoting inclusive multi-stakeholder dialogue and, widely disseminating the WCD materials. In this regard, Phase 1, which extended until July 2004, was therefore mainly devoted to promoting dialogue at national, regional and global levels on the basis of WCD core values and strategic priorities; widely disseminating the WCD materials in English and other languages and exchanging information about WCD institutional and dialogue follow up activities. Based on the outcomes and experience of Phase 1, the focus of the Phase 2, launched in February 2005 and completed in 2007, shifted to promoting improved decision-making, planning and management of dams. The national, regional and global dialogues continue to be promoted, now as an avenue for producing broad based recommendations on policy and procedure reforms in the local context. In addition, the project was tasked with the production of non prescriptive practical tools to help decision makers. Networking, communication and dissemination continue to be ongoing activities in support the main objectives
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