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Information networking was one of the four work programme elements of the Dams and Development Project. To make an effective networking, a communication strategy was produced for Phase 1 and then revised in Phase 2 to respond to the new developments in the Project and global arena on energy and water. The DDP networking activities contributed to the flow of information and sharing experiences and lessons learnt among diverse stakeholder groups within the Dams and Development community. The DDP secretariat also collected feedback and knowledge through the same networking and communication activities so as to continually improve the DDP knowledge base around dams and their alternatives. (Note: DDP knowledge base has three major components: Data base on experiences and lessons learnt; information on follow-on initiatives and related activities, proceeding on meeting, forum, issue-based workshops, occasional papers, interim and annual reports; and Analysis of reactions to the WCD report). The DDP communication activities targeted seven major groups:

  • Group 1 - Steering Committee members and their alternates.
  • Group 2 - Dams and Development Forum members.
  • Group 3 - Government Advisory Consultative Group
  • Group 4 - Interested governments
  • Group 5 - Organizations and individuals those are active in national follow-up activities.
  • Group 6- Identified key stakeholders by category in the international, regional and national arena focusing on those who are not yet engaged in the DDP work programme.
  • Group 7 - Persons and organizations in the DDP contacts database. This database consists of different categories such as Government (policy makers), Government (practitioners), financiers, national and international NGOs, affected and indigenous people’s group and advocacy groups, groups working for options, professional associations, research organizations and industries with thousands of entries.
  • Group 8 - The general public.

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