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Great Lakes

Great Lakes Region: Impact of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons on Ecosystem Integrity

The United Nations Environment Programme, through its Division of Early Warning and Assessment (DEWA) and under the auspices of the NEPAD, commissioned a study focusing on three aspects less covered and yet interconnected: the issues of population displacements (refugees and IDPs), the environment and the Great Lakes Region. The comprehensive assessment of the impact of refugees and internally displaced persons on the ecosystem integrity in the Great Lakes Region will provide early warning information to support mitigation planning. The study is intended to provide input in the implementation of IC/GLR Pact and is conducted within the context of Africa Environment Outlook, Global Environment Outlook and NEPAD principle of enhancing access to relevant data and information to support vulnerability assessments and issuing early warning on issues and threats to the environment and emerging issues in Africa.

Full Report [106 MB]

Executive Summary [7 MB]

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