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Capacity building tools and resources

Acrobat reader is required to view the following documents.
  Integrated Environmental Assessment and Reporting (IEA)
  Training Manual on IEA in Africa
  National IEA manual
  Core List of Environmental Indicators and Statistics - Africa
  Scenario Building tools
  Handbook on Policy Analysis for IEA
  Guidelines on Policy Analysis for IEA
  AEO Cities Methodology manual
  Africa Environment Information Network (AEIN)
  Best Practices and Lessons learnt from the Implementation of the Africa Environment Information Network(AEIN)  
  Best Practices in Environmental Information Management in Africa : The Uganda Case Study  
  AEIN Framework Document
  AEIN Implementation Strategy
  AEIN Implementation Guidelines
  AEIN Questionnaire
  Data and Information Management Tools
  AEO-EIS user/training manual
  GEO-Africa Data Portal user/training manual