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Africa Environment Outlook

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Related Products

Lake Victoria Basin

Lake Victoria Basin Environment Outlook Report

The Lake Victoria Environment Outlook (LVBEO) report provides an in-depth integrated analysis of the environmental dynamics within the basin. the report has been prepared within the framework of the Africa Environment Outlook (AEO) process.

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Africa Environment Tracking

Africa Environment Tracking: Issues and Developments

This publication has been prepared as a complementary product of the AEO. The objective is to keep the rapidly evolving environmental issues in the focus of the decision makers in the region and stimulate timely action to address them.

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Environmental Assessment and Reporting in Africa: Knowledge Base

Environmental Assessment and Reporting in Africa: Knowledge Base

The knowledge base information system has been developed to harness and enhance access to information and knowledge to support the management of Africa's environmental resources as assets for sustainable development.

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Africa Environment Outlook (AEO) Case Studies Report

AEO Case Studies Report

The AEO report has focused, for the most part, on sub-regional levels of environmental activities in Africa. But in order to improve human security, it is necessary to understand the lives and livelihoods of people operating in local environments, for ultimately this is where the process of sustainable use must operate.

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