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AEO-3 Summary for Policy Makers

AEO-3 report

The AEO-3 Summary for Policy Makers focuses on the linkages between environment and health, largely because of the recognition that environmental factors contribute about 28 per cent of Africa’s disease burden. This disease burden is dominated by diarrhoea, respiratory infections and malaria which collectively account for 60 per cent of the known environmental health impacts in Africa.

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City of Nairobi Environment Outlook

AEO-2 report

The City of Nairobi Environment Outlook Report is an integrated assessment of the environment that examines the state of the environment, and highlights the opportunities and prospects of these to achieve development and enhance environmental sustainability.
Executive Summary
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AEO-2 Report

AEO-2 report

AEO-2 profiles Africa’s environmental resources as an asset for the region’s development. The assessment highlights the opportunities presented by the natural resource base to support development and the objectives of the African Union (AU) and the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD). [More details...]

AEO-1 Report

AEO-1 Report

The first comprehensive integrated report on the African environment. The AEO assessment methodology is derived from UNEP's cutting edge Global Environment Outlook (GEO) Process. The report is available in both English and French languages. [More details...]