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Sierra Leone at the crossroadsSierra Leone at the crossroads

Ten years after the end of the civil war Sierra Leone is at a turning point in its history – and Sierra Leonians at a crossroads.

UNEP 40th Anniversary - Lead phase outUNEP 40th Anniversary - Lead phase out

Why Celebrate UNEP at 40 – it helped phase out lead in  petrol in Africa saving babies and infants from brain damage that globally was costing the world $2.4 trillion a year.  &n ...

Millenium Ecosytem Assessment - Ecosystem ServicesMillenium Ecosytem Assessment - Ecosystem Services

The short clips have been designed for practitioners to use in their work to explain the basics and give examples of what ecosystem services are and what are the consequences of the fact that they ar ...

Africa Water AtlasAfrica Water Atlas

Africa Water Resources Atlas: challenges and opportunities - combines visual time series imagery to visually show how climate change threatens the fresh water resources on the African continent. Usin ...

Conservation from ChaosConservation from Chaos

DRC is home to more than half of Africa’s forests and fresh water. It is also the largest area of tropical forest after the Amazon. Watch the video to learn more.

Spain-UNEP Partnership: Marine Mammals and Critical Habitats ProjectSpain-UNEP Partnership: Marine Mammals and Critical Habitats Project

The Marine Mammals Corridors and Critical Habitats Project, supported by the Spain-UNEP Partnership for Protected Areas, works to reduce the negative impacts of current human practices such as fishin ...

Achim Steiner: World Day to Combat DesertificationAchim Steiner: World Day to Combat Desertification

This year’s theme for the World Day to Combat Desertification is "Forests Keep Drylands Working". A theme relevant to the 2011 UN International Year of Forests and a theme that speaks ...

Spain-UNEP Partnership: Kahuzi-Biega National Park, DRCSpain-UNEP Partnership: Kahuzi-Biega National Park, DRC

Spain-UNEP Partnership: Support to conservation activities in Kahuzi-Biega National Park, DRC

World Environment Day 2011 press conferenceWorld Environment Day 2011 press conference

World Environment Day press conference on Forests in a Green Economy and Conference of Rural Women; Nature and Livelihood Women’s Perspective

World 10Km MarathonWorld 10Km Marathon

World 10Km Marathon in Bangalore on June 5th

Baby LegacyBaby Legacy

Named by UNEP to mark the launch of of the WED Legacy Project Last year, the eyes of the world were on Rwanda as it hosted World Environment Day. As part of the event, the WED Global Community was ...

Baby Waka WakaBaby Waka Waka

Named by kids around the world and announced by UNEP Climate Hero, Luo Hong

Short Films

  • Iraqi Marshlands: On the road to recovery
    The Iraqi Marshlands considered by some as the original biblical "Garden of Eden" and an ecosystem of global importance had been almost entirely destroyed by the time the former Iraqi regime collapsed in 2003. The UNEP project, "Support for Environmental Management of the Iraqi Marshlands", is helping the Iraqi people to restore the marshlands and manage them in a sustainable manner, as well as providing safe drinking water and sanitation systems to marshlands communities lacking access to these basic necessities.
  • Cloud Forests
    Tropical montane cloud forests are a rare type of evergreen mountain forest found in tropical areas where local climatic conditions cause cloud and mist to be regularly in contact with the forest vegetation. These forests support ecosystems of distinctive floristic and structural form and contain a disproportionately large number of the worlds endemic and threatened species.
  • Gathering Storm - The humanitarian impact of climate change
    As the Poznan Climate Change conference enters its final days, UNEP, with IRIN (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs ),is pleased to announce the launch of eight short videos exploring the human cost of climate change in Africa. While climate change is not new to Africa, the pace of change has accelerated, as it has in many other parts of the world. Examining specific examples of change in Africa can help shed light on the causes of change, the problems engendered, and possible solutions



  • Achim Steiner's podcast on the Year of the Gorilla
    (15 January 2009)
  • Achim Steiner’s Podcast on Biodiversity: Sustaining Life
    (29 April 2008)