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UNEP Compendium On Human Rights and the Environment

Selected international legal materials and cases (Advance Version)

The objective of the publication is to identify and promote good practices relating to the use of human rights obligations and commitments to inform, support and strengthen environmental policy making, especially in the areas of environmental protection and management.
Community Protocols for Environmental Sustainability: 
A Guide for Policymakers

Year : UNEP and EDO NSW. (2013)
Embedding the Environment in Sustainable Development Goals

Year : 2013 
 Building Inclusive Green Economies: Success  Stories from South-South Cooperation

Year : 2013
 Compilation of Internationally Agreed
  Environmental Goals and Objectives

Year : 2012
 Stories of Change from the UNDP-UNEP
Poverty-Environment Initiative

Year : 2013

 Elephants in the Dust: the African Elephant Crisis

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 Human Rights and the Environment:
Joint Report OHCHR and UNEP 

Rio+20: Joint Report OHCHR and UNEP
advancing justiceAdvancing Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability 

"Environmental law is essential for the 
protection of natural resources and
ecosystems and reflects our best hope for the future."
 Feed-in Tariffs and a Policy Instrument for
Promoting Renewable Energies and
Green Economies in Developing Countries

Year : 2012

 Measuring Progress Environmental Goals and Gaps

Year : 2012

Auditing the Implementation of Multilateral Environmental
Agreements (MEAs): A Primer For Auditors

Year : 2010

 Compliance-Related Texts and Decisions of
 Selected Multilateral  Environmental Agreements

 Year: 2010

Policy Briefs

  Black Carbon Policy Summary 
This document provides policy-relevant guidance on black carbon. The information it contains is consistent with the fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published in 2007 and is further informed by the 2009 London International Workshop on Black Carbon 1 and subsequent discussions with workshop participants.

African Environment Outlook-3  
Summary for Policy Makers

Year : 2013
Our Planet: RIO+20: from Outcome to Implementation

Year : 2013

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Reports and Papers

Measuring Progress: Environmental Goals & Gaps

UNU - IAS Report
Benefit Sharing in ABS: Options and Elaborations