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Freshwater Law and GovernanceFreshwater Law and Governance:
Global and Regional Perspectives for Sustainability

This study was designed to gain insights into how regional and basin water agreements take into account principles and provisions of international water law – both customary international law and treaty based law – and contribute to its content and evolution.

UNEP Compendium on Human Rights and the Environment

Selected international legal materials and cases

Year : 2014

  UNEP's Environmental Governance at a Glance

Community Protocols for Environmental Sustainability: 
A Guide for Policymakers

Year : UNEP and EDO NSW. (2013)
   The Role of Legal Instruments to Support Green Low-Emission and Climate-Resilient Development
A Guidebook on Assessing, Selecting and Implementing Legal Instruments

Year : 2013
 Building Inclusive Green Economies: Success  Stories from South-South Cooperation

Year : 2013
   Compilation of Internationally Agreed
  Environmental Goals and Objectives

  Year : 2012
 Stories of Change from the UNDP-UNEP
Poverty-Environment Initiative

Year : 2013

   Elephants in the Dust: the African Elephant Crisis

 English | French

 Human Rights and the Environment:
Joint Report OHCHR and UNEP 

Rio+20: Joint Report OHCHR and UNEP
  advancing justiceAdvancing Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability 

"Environmental law is essential for the 
protection of natural resources and
ecosystems and reflects our best hope for the future."
 Feed-in Tariffs and a Policy Instrument for  Promoting Renewable Energies and
Green Economies in Developing Countries

Year : 2012

  Measuring Progress
Environmental Goals and Gaps

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Year : 2012

Auditing the Implementation of Multilateral Environmental
Agreements (MEAs): A Primer For Auditors

Year : 2010

   Compliance-Related Texts and Decisions of
 Selected Multilateral  Environmental Agreements

 Year: 2010
 MEAs Negotiator's Handbook 

 [English]   [French]

 Year : 2007
   The Greening of Water Law:
 Managing Freshwater Resources for People and the  Environment

Year: 2010