Stefan Knights
Stefan Knights
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Stefan Knights is a national of Guyana. He is a lawyer with postgraduate qualifications in Sustainable Development and Legislative Drafting....
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Posted on 17/01/2017 09:58:30
Dr Dr. Knights,
I would like to know if UNEP will have an event at the UN SDGs conference to be held in New York on 5-9 June 2017.
I am involved in the consortium of the MARINA project fundend by Horizon 2020 and we are planning to have a side-event for SDG 14 but perhaps some internal support is needed. Have you some useful suggestions?
Thank you very much and best regards
Elena Giusta
Elena GIUSTA (from Italy)
Dear Elena
I am not a staff of UNEP. I do not know if UNEP will hold an Event in New York in June 2017. Do follow UNEP online pages for further updates.

Posted on 17/01/2017 04:01:07
Greetings!! Sir, how do I convert plastic municipal waste into fuel or any other useful byproducts? The area I stay in is full of municipal waste littered in every corners. I want to make sure my town is clean n free of garbage dump sites. Please help me with some ideas so that I can go ahead and make use of these waste. I am thinking of a small scale industry to convert these waste into useful products.
Bhargav Gogoi (from India)
Greeting Bhargav,
I am not an expert on municipal waste but I am aware that there is a process called plastic cracking which was developed to facilitate the recycling of plastic wastes into gasoline-range hydrocarbons and other useful petrochemical materials. More information about the process and other processes can be found online. I wish you many successes in starting up a small-scale industry to address the so issues relating to municipal waste.