Our Vision

Supporting Transformation in the Forest Sector

The optimal contribution of forests to a Green Economy is reached when forests are managed for their full range of benefits to society. Growth in income and employment is driven by public and private investments, which in turn, reduce carbon emissions, enhance resource efficiency, and prevent the loss of forest-based biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Such investments are catalyzed and supported by improved knowledge of the socioeconomic value of forest ecosystems services, cross-sectoral awareness, planning and policy reforms, and capacity building in developing countries.

This cross-sectoral investment should maintain, enhance and, where necessary, rebuild forest-based natural capital. Capital that is a critical economic asset and a source of public benefits, especially for people whose livelihoods and security depend strongly on nature.

Unlocking the Optimal Contribution of Forests

The scale of transforming forest management for a Green Economy is enormous, and beyond any individual organization. This transformation will require large-scale and cross-sectoral partnerships and investments to succeed.

To facilitate UNEP’s contributions and to augment the many efforts aimed at transforming forest management and utilization, UNEP has identified three building blocks, which are essential for the transformation. Individually, the blocks do not deliver forest-based green growth, but they are crucially interlinked. Many change agents – processes, tools and projects – contribute to the establishment of each block.

These building blocks are:

  • Know-how
  • Enabling conditions
  • Finance

Processes, tools and approaches related to this model are bound to vary from country to country. The various change agents will play different but interconnected and complementary roles to delivery of the building blocks. Accordingly, the approach also serves to help in identifying value-adding partnerships and collaborations.

UNEP’s key initiatives to support a transformation of forest management and utilization towards a Green Economy include:

  • UN-REDD Programme
  • Forest resource valuation and accounting
  • Global Forest Watch 2.0
  • The Mau Forest