Green Technology Exhibition

Green Technology Tent


For the second time, UNEP and Climate Action are showcasing a Green Technology Exhibition at the 26th session of the Governing Council / Global Ministerial Environment Forum. The Green Technology Exhibition will feature innovative technologies that assist governments and their populations in addressing global environmental concerns. Technologies include: mitigating and adapting to climate change, using natural resources more efficiently, ensuring environmentally sound management of chemicals, reducing pollution and environmental monitoring.


Over 20 organisations will showcase their products within the Green Technology Exhibition through scale models, brochures, television screens and, where possible, life-sized examples. Participating organisations will highlight the issues involved in rolling out the technologies, including financing, the environmental impact and generating political will. The Green Technology Exhibition will also provide the forum delegates with a relaxed venue to enjoy a variety of useful services during their four days at the event.


Exhibiting organisations include:

Matrix Lighting Inc.

Exhibiting energy efficient lighting solutions to reduce the impact buildings have on the environment.


Biofuel Bionas SDN BHD

Exhibiting their bio oil - Crude Jatropha Oil (CJO) and Jatropha Additive for Biopetrol & Biodiesel.
Reception Presentation
Date: Wednesday 23 February
Time: 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Venue: Fountain Room, adjacent main cafeteria
Theme: Biofuels in Africa - Green Technology and Poverty Eradication


BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgerate GmbH

Exhibiting their bio fuel stoves and energy efficient appliances.


Nuru Energy

Nuru Energy is an award-winning for-profit social enterprise with a dual mission to: 1) replace kerosene lamps in developing countries with clean LED lighting and 2) to provide an off-grid recharging platform for the 2 billion people in the world without access to the grid. Nuru Energy will be exhibiting its patent-pending off-grid modular LED lighting system.


Osram GmbH

Working with governments and NGOs, Osram provide off-grid lighting and solar technology to save lives and enable development in education.


Parsons Birkerhoff

Parsons Birkerhoff specialise in hydro and micro-hydro for under developed regions in Africa using the latest technology to assess feasibility and management of resources.


Global Wind Power / Reliance ADA Group

Exhibiting Wind energy solutions - to promote wind energy as a viable source of clean, reliable energy generation.



HP will be exhibiting its IT Solutions for a Low-Carbon Economy. HP recognises the important role that the Information and Communication Technology sector will play in enabling CO2 reductions across a variety of sectors. We are committed to reducing our own contribution to climate change as well as developing IT solutions that can help lower or reduce the release of greenhouse gases (GHG) such as CO2 into the atmosphere.


Unilever Asia PVT Ltd

Exhibiting water purifiers for rural locations


Coca Cola East and Central Africa

Protecting freshwater ecosystems is a top priority in WWF & Coca Cola. Now, through a partnership announced on June 5, 2007, Coca Cola are combining their international strengths and resources to support water conservation throughout the world water preservation.


Webber Wentzel Attornerys

Working with governments, banks and NGOs, Webber Wentzel consult on projects for sustainable development In Africa and Asia, assisting in areas of environmental policy, legislation and renewable energy and water resource projects to enable all environmental standards are met and to speed up the process of development projects.


Puricare Environmental Engineering

Exhibiting ultraviolet lamp technology. Puricare's germicidal lamps are highly effective in the destruction and removal (through oxidation) of the following: Micro-organisms, viruses, bacteria and fungi. Puricare Environmental Engineering specialises in the design and manufacture of customised solutions in the fields of Ultraviolet and Activated Oxygen (Ozone) for use in air and water purification.


Sasakawa prize winner(s)

The winners of the UNEP Sasakawa Prize, the flagship award for grassroots innovation, will be show casing their initiatives that provide green solutions to environmental challenges and promote sustainable development at the Green Technology Tent.



Shell is one of the world's largest distributors of biofuels. Shell's stand will provide an overview of the company's activities in biofuels and the work it is doing to ensure that biofuels are produced in a more sustainable way.


United Nations Environment Programme - UNEP

UNEP will be showcasing the work of some of its key initiatives, including the Billion Tree Campaign, Climate Neutral Network and Greening the Blue. We will be highlighting partner case studies and UNEP's own efforts to green our operations.


UNEP / Climate Action Green Tech Exhibition Cocktail Reception,
Tuesday February 22 6-7 pm,
Upper Concourse Main Lobby.