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Uniqueco-Designs: Display of animals created from recovered marine litter

Uniqueco Designs:  Display of animals created from recovered marine litter

UniquEco Designs is a tradeable African solution to the global problem of pollution, specifically as the Ocean is the world's dump yard. The business has re-created hundreds of thousands of discarded flipflops into interesting, creative, artistic pieces, trained over 200 people, given a value to an unwanted item and become a globally known sustainable eco-brand.

Julie Church is the founder of the UniquEco Foundation and the Flipflop Recycling Company. She started recycling flipflops with the communities of Kiwayu in 1997 – the year of UNEP's 25th Anniversary – as part of the conservation and development work she led within the Kiunga Marine National Reserve, Lamu District.

The opportunities now are to build on the sustainable, tradeable solutions which in turn will support a dynamic, exciting platform for charitable foundations with the marine world. The concept is deeply rooted in the ocean and marine world. It is ethical from its foundation to its roof, creating green jobs, raising environmental consciousness and building good business practices. Our core message: "Creating sustainable trade - not aid - to keep up with our changing world"