Li Bingbing Bush Blog and Photo Gallery Day 3


On our final day, we set out to shoot the Public Service Announcements that we hope will inform people around the world that illegal ivory leaves a bloody trail of death and destruction, for both people and animals. As we stood on a high vista surrounded by the magnificent landscape of Kenya’s Northern Frontier District, I just let the feeling of Africa take me in. And as I let a beautiful feather drift from my hand into the air, a little bird darted and dived around it, as if to say that it understood what I was thinking. Yet another moving moment here.

I have now returned to China with the message that I will forever Say No to Ivory. And I have started a social media campaign in China to ask people to make the same commitment. We have had an overwhelming response with over a million people participating so far and will send the same message to the rest of the world soon.

Please watch out for the films we are making from this trip and tell your friends, families and colleagues. The elephants (and rhinos) need you. Each and every one of us can make a difference by saying no and spreading the word. Thanks to all of the people who showed me this special place  that these beautiful creatures call home.

A sneak peak from our PSA goes like this:

Did you know that female elephants stay together for life, in a close family of sisters, aunts and babies?      
Like us, the eldest is the wisest and shares her knowledge with the herd to protect them from danger and enable them to survive in harsh environments.     
Did you know that gangs of poachers are killing elephants in Africa to sell their ivory?    
Obtaining illegal ivory is not like cutting a nail or pulling a tooth. It means a brutal and tragic death for the animal itself and the disruption of the entire herd for years to come. (Dead elephant shot)     

Did you know that the eldest females, which have the largest tusks, are often the first to die?      你知道吗,由于拥有最大的象牙,最年长的母象通常会第一个死于偷猎者之手。   

Poachers can massacre entire elephant families and sell the ivory to organized crime groups that smuggle it out of Africa. Ivory comes cheap in Africa but is very expensive and sought after in illegal markets. The money from the illegal ivory business is often used to obtain weapons and ammunition to fuel conflicts in African countries, in a similar way to blood diamonds.   

Did you know that 2012 was the deadliest year for elephants since official record-taking began?    

Science tells us that elephant populations can not withstand current poaching levels and that populations are in decline across Africa.    

Did you know that you may be unintentionally contributing to civil wars and elephant extinction by buying illegal ivory?     

Did you know that you have the power to change this course? When we stop buying, they stop buying.   

Spread the word.   

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