The Global Environment Outlook process has developed a globally accepted Integrated Environmental Assessment (IEA) methodology which has been adopted by many countries in all world regions. As part of the IEA capacity building activities, UNEP has developed an on-line interactive training resource platform (website and e-learning courses) called IEA Community Platform. The Platform aims to provide broad access to the numerous GEO IEA tools, methods and lessons experienced by its diverse practitioner network as well as to develop and test new resources.


The IEA Training materials are made available on line, in a user-friendly, accessible format. The Platform allows access to and sharing of resources developed through the GEO process and other related processes global, regional and national levels.


The technological infrastructure is supported by offline capacity building, training and face to face sessions to build and support the global community of practice for integrated assessment.


The training component is intended to link practitioners of integrated environmental assessment with scientific and technical experts in the relevant fields. Practitioners are encouraged to adopt the available learning resources according to their needs, refine them and share the changes with the rest of the community through the interactive interface.