Cities Methodology

GEO Cities Methodology
This Methodology aims to help stakeholders analyze the interactions between urban development and the environment. It applies the pressures-state-impacts-responses (PSIR) matrix used to prepare the Global Environment Outlook (GEO) series. Municipalities can use this tool to prepare an integrated environmental assessment of their city, and to support informed policy-making on issues affecting the urban environment.

GEO Cities Methodology

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Climate Change Vulnerability and Impact Assessment in Cities
The module on Climate Change Vulnerability and Impact Assessment (VIA) in cities outlines key approaches to help in assessing vulnerability to climate change in the context of other non-climatic issues and stresses such as environmental change and consumption levels, and their integration with other drivers and pressures. In this way, they make use of the general DPSIR framework. The DPSIR framework also helps in mainstreaming responses to climate change with other development measures.


GEO Cities Manual -- Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia Region
Planning and management for sustainable development require an understanding of the linkages between environmental conditions and human activities and encourage participation by all sectors of society in decision-making. The GEO cities manual is a useful tool that will help strengthen institutional capacity to prepare environmental assessments and comprehensive reports on cities in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.