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Governments Commit to Significant Funding Increase and Accelerated Action to Achieve Biodiversity Targets and Sustainable Development

Convention on Biological Diversity closed the 12th meeting of the Conference of the Parties today
21-10-2014 00:00:00

IPCC Launches Full Working Group II Report

The report characterizes what is known and what is not known about impacts of climate changes that have already occurred and risks of future impacts.
16-10-2014 00:00:00

Global Economy to Lose Billions without Action to Stop Ocean Acidification, UN Report Warns

An international team of thirty experts, led by UK scientists, has concluded that ocean acidification is already underway, and it is now near-inevitable that it will worsen, causing widespread impacts, mostly deleterious, on marine organisms and ecosystems, and on the goods and services they provide.
15-10-2014 00:00:00

Historic UN Biodiversity Pact on Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge Comes into Effect to Enhance Opportunities for the Equitable Sharing of Benefits of World's Biodiversity

Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol Represents a Milestone on the Global Sustainable Development Agenda
14-10-2014 00:00:00

Contributions of Indigenous Peoples to meeting Aichi Targets Spotlighted at Top CBD Meeting

Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas (ICCAs) are natural or modified ecosystems containing significant biodiversity and cultural values, voluntarily conserved by Indigenous peoples and local communities through customary laws or other effective means.
9-10-2014 00:00:00

UNEP Executive Director Launches Carbon Offsetting Application

The Carbon Offsetting Fund calculates the carbon cost created by participants' travel and stay in Pyeongchang, Korea - the host of this year's biodiversity meeting
7-10-2014 00:00:00

Governments Meet in Republic of Korea to Assess Progress in Implementing Global Strategic Plan for Biodiversity

"Pyeongchang Road Map" expected to include further steps to protect biodiversity in support of sustainable development
6-10-2014 00:00:00

UN Report Calls For Bold and Accelerated Global Action to Meet Biodiversity Targets by 2020

Report Tracks Progress and Draws Attention To Implications on Broader Sustainable Development this Century
6-10-2014 00:00:00

Great Apes Survival Partnership Chosen to Host Global Primate Congress at UN Headquarters in Kenya in 2018

The International Primatological Society (IPS)Congress is held every two years and draws many of the leading figures in primate research, conservation and education
6-10-2014 00:00:00

First Academy on the Green Economy kicks off in Turin with High-Level Policy Forum

New Training Course Enables Knowledge Sharing on Green Jobs Creation
6-10-2014 00:00:00

World Marches to Demand an End to Illegal Trade in Wildlife

The illegal trade in wildlife is the world's fourth largest illicit trade, topped only by the trade in narcotics, counterfeiting and human trafficking.
4-10-2014 00:00:00

UN Meeting Agrees on Decisions to Advance the Implementation of the International Agreement on the Safe Use of Living Modified Organisms

Parties to the Cartagena Protocol also agreed to continue to identify living modified organisms intended for direct use as food or feed, or for processing that are subject to transboundary movement
4-10-2014 00:00:00

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