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UNEP project manual:
formulation, approval, monitoring and evaluation


To download entire manual click here (pdf 2.81MB)

Introduction (pdf 34KB)

This section provides an overview of the UNEP project manual; linkages between UNEP mandates, programme and projects; funding sources; and relationship between funding and implementation modalities.

Project Cycle (pdf 36KB)

This section explains project cycle in terms of five phases: identification, preparation and formulation, review and approval, implementation, and evaluation. Necessary steps and actions required at each phase are elaborated.

Key Elements in Project Formulation (pdf 30KB)

This section elaborates the essential conceptual elements that need to be considered during the project identification and preparation phases. These elements are: poverty alleviation, gender-equality, project sustainability and building a logical framework matrix.

Concept Proposals for Sponsorship (pdf 61KB)

This section outlines in-house processes for the preparation and approval of concept proposals for sponsorship.

Project Document Preparation (pdf 89KB)

This section provides guidelines and the format for completing the UNEP project proposals.

Project Approval Process (pdf 41KB)

This section discusses the UNEP project review and approval process--including inter-divisional review and Project Approval Group (PAG) process.

Monitoring and Reporting (pdf 27KB)

This section emphasizes the importance of project monitoring and how the information from monitoring feeds into project implementation and management, and reporting requirements both in financial and programmatic aspects.

Evaluation (pdf 40KB)

This section discusses the evaluation requirements, criteria, types, process, cost and reporting

Projects funded by the United Nations Foundation (pdf 30KB)

This section focuses on the key UNF funding criteria, grant proposal process and procedures, reporting requirements and operational modalities.

United Nations Development Account (pdf 22KB)

This section provides guidelines for the preparation of proposals, financing and reporting, modalities for operating the account, preparation of proposals, reporting requirements of the United Nations Development Account funded projects.

Global Environment Facility Projects (pdf 8KB)

This section is currently under construction