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Quality Assurance Section
United Nations Environment Programme
United Nations Avenue,Gigiri
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1. Why was QAS established?

UNEP established the Quality Assurance Section (QAS) to improve the quality of UNEP’s efforts to achieve measurable results. There was a strong demand from governments asking for UNEP to achieve measurable results in a coherent manner. QAS’ mandate was to work with UNEP offices to improve the quality of its programme and project planning processes and support the monitoring of the organization’s programme so as to strengthen the focus on results during implementation of the programme of work. QAS was also expected to provide support to staff to improve quality of planning and monitoring processes – as such QAS supports training relating to project management.

2. What is the difference between QAS and the Evaluation Office?

QAS was established in 2008 and is located in UNEP’s Office for Operations. QAS aims to improve quality of UNEP’s planning and implementation of its programme and associated projects with the broader purpose of supporting the organization’s drive for results. QAS manages the programme and project review process, the quality of project management and supervision review, and the programme’s performance review. The Evaluation Office is an office in UNEP that reports directly to the Executive Director as it functions independently from the rest of the programme. The Evaluation Office assesses whether UNEP has delivered the results it planned, focusing on whether the planning and implementation processes worked well. The Evaluation Office carries out evaluations of all UNEP projects and subprogrammes. It also carries out other evaluations when deemed necessary.