Programme Performance Monitoring

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Quality Assurance Section
United Nations Environment Programme
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To support the achievement of UNEP’s programme objectives and results, UNEP monitors its performance through strengthening its monitoring of progress against results as set out in its Monitoring Policy and Plan. In strengthening the focus on results, UNEP monitors on a six-monthly basis the performance of projects and their contribution to the results in the organization’s Programme of Work (PoW) and Medium-Term Strategy (MTS). UNEP’s Programme Performance Reports are publicly available on at

UNEP has also begun applying a project-at-risk system to improve its performance management and steer progress towards delivering outputs and achieving outcomes. UNEP monitors project risks on budget performance, programmatic performance, reporting compliance, and project cycle performance. The information provides basis for UNEP’s monitoring efforts given the multitude of internal and external factors affecting project performance and delivery.

In monitoring for results, QAS:

  • Manages the project and programme results reporting exercise in consultation with Divisions and Coordinators working across the organization;
  • Leads a review of the quality of project management and supervision to strengthen project management and supervision across the organization;
  • Utilizes the review of quality of project management and supervision to validate the data reported on project progress;
  • Monitors the delivery of management responsibility as set out in the organization’s Accountability Framework and corresponding Delegations of Authority;
  • Produces the Annual Programme Performance Reports; and
  • Tracks corporate management responses to performance monitoring recommendations.