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Regional Partners

Relationship with the Regional Seas Programmes

A number of programmes have been, or are at present being planned as implementation of Protocols dealing with Biodiversity, Specially Protected Areas, and Wild Fauna and Flora negotiated in the framework of the Regional Seas Conventions. Such Protocols have been developed in the Mediterranean, South-East Pacific, Wider Caribbean and Eastern Africa regions, with their provisions and scope varying from region to region.

Regional Action Plans dealing specifically with marine mammals have been established under the umbrella of the following Regional Seas Programme and have been significant contributions to the implementation of the MMAP.

These regional plans are a good example of agreed mechanisms for development of activities at regional and national levels, and of priorities needed for action. A number of activities and projects have been completed since their adoption, some of which have counted with and benefited from the support, both financial and technical provided by the MMAP. From experiences gained from past interactions with the Regional Seas Programmes, there is no doubt that the MMAP is a suitable vehicle to continue to contribute to the co-ordination and support to the development of such regional plans under the Regional Seas Programmes, as it provides the needed overall framework for co-operation and expertise at the international level.
In addition to the above mentioned regional action plans, other Regional Seas Programmes and regions have been supported in the past for the development of similar programmes and activities regarding marine mammal conservation and management. These include, Central America, East Africa, East Asian Seas, Black Sea , and South-West Atlantic.

Mediterranean Action Plan:

• Action Plan for the Management of the Mediterranean Monk Seal (1988)
• Action Plan for the Conservation of Cetacean in the Mediterranean Sea (1991)

A Regional Activity Centre for specially Protected Areas (RAC/SPA) established in Tunis , Tunisia , has the responsibility for the Co-ordination of both Action Plans, which have been actively implemented.

South-East Pacific Action Plan:

• Action Plan for the Conservation of Marine Mammals in the South-East Pacific (1991)

Similar efforts in the Pacific have been initiated in the past for the development of an Action Plan for Central America , but progress has been limited, among others, due to financial constraints.

Caribbean Environment Programme:

• Regional Management Plan for the West Indian Manatee (1994)

Efforts are on-going for the potential development of a regional action plan for marine mammals, possibly concentrating on small cetaceans. A proposal is currently under preparation for submission to the next Inter-governmental meeting, planned for late 1999.

Black Sea

Eastern Africa (Nairobi Convention)

Western Africa (Abdijan Convention)

Regional Agreements for the Conservation of Marine Mammals

Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Seas and the Contiguous Atlantic Area (ACCOBAMS)

Agreement on the Conservation of small Cetaceans of the Baltic and North Seas (ASCOBANS)