Cleaner & Safer Production applies integrated and preventive strategies to processes, products and services aimed at increasing efficiency whilst reducing risks to humans and the environment.


UNEP works closely with partners from various business and industry sectors to advance our mission and activities in the field of technology, industry and economics.


Inspiring partnership, innovation, interrelation and improved understanding of key corporate responsibility issues on the global sustainable development agenda whilst seeking positive impact between business, society and the environment.


Events and Highlights

Asia eco-innovation experts highlight need for eco-entrepreneurial spirit










 Third RECP Global Conference
 Montreux, Switzerland
 2-6 September 2013










 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 20 - 22 June 2012

UNEP's work with
Business & Industry

APELL - Accident Preparedness
RECP - Resource Efficient Cleaner Production
Reporting / CSR