Rio+20, 20 - 22 June 2012
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Highlights of Rio+20 and UNEP Side Events June 20

On Wednesday June 20th, during a plenary meeting of the Pre-Conference Informal Consultations, delegates agreed an outcome document ad referendum. The Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio de Aguiar Patriota informed delegates that he believed they were in a position to adopt the text to be formally presented at the UNCSD (Rio+20) for adoption. He observed that, while not ideal, the text represents “the equilibrium” at this point.

At the conclusion of World Congress on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability four day event, more than 200 participants emphasized the value of exchanging experiences at the national level and the need for enhancing international cooperation. After lively exchanges of views on how to reflect their ideas in a final document, participants agreed to include views in a declaration to be presented to the Rio +20 Summit.

The “Rio +20 Declaration on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability” sets out three main sections on: messages to Heads of State and government and the world community; procedural and substantive principles to advance the rule of law on environmental matters; and on an institutional framework for the advancement of justice, governance and law for environmental sustainability.

Nine additional UNEP Side Events took place  At the UNEP Pavilion the Eye On Earth: Eye On Biodiversity event concentrated on the importance of sharing data and information to address current biodiversity and ecosystem challenges and inform national dialogues, policies and priority setting.

The following events at the Pavilion also concluded successfully
- Food Security: The Ecological Dimension And The Sustainability Solution  
- Protecting The Protected Areas: Partnering To Expand The Most Precious 17% Of The Planet  
- Commitments On Gender And Sustainable Development: A Global Call For Action For Rio+20 And Beyond  
- GEO-5 Main Messages For Sustainability 

At Rio Centro, events on Multi-Lateral Co-Operation Towards Sustainable Development and Seizing Eco Labelling And Sustainable Public Procurement Opportunities - Ministerial Dialogue With Nordic And Southern Cone Countries took place, at the Japanese Pavilion, Japan day   concluded successfully, and at the Banco de Caxia, an event on Breaking Down Political Barriers To Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform