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Natural Resources


The Natural Resources Program at the Regional Office for Africa (ROA) has an important task in promoting and overseeing UNEP's activities in Africa in areas of management and protection of the natural resources responding to the Governing Council decisions and in the context of NEPAD Action Plane of the Environment Initiative and AMCEN recommendations.    

Main tasks of the program are:

1. Co-ordinate support to regional programs on natural resources management in Africa and support implementation of international and regional conventions and agreements related to combating desertification and sustainable land use as well as integrated water management, in the context of NEPAD Environment Action Plan and AMCEN decisions and recommendations in collaboration with other partners (UNDP, GEF, AfDB, NEPAD secretariat, AU, development partners).

Provide programmatic and technical support to programs and projects leading to sustainable management of land resources especially in arid and semi-arid areas.
Collaborate with other partners with relevant departments in the implementation of the UNCCD, in Africa, as well as other related initiatives and partnerships.
Support "TerrAfrica" initiative and its Strategic Investment Program (SIP) for sustainable land management (SLM) in Africa.
Contribute to implementation of the UNEP water policy and strategy in Africa
Develop, in collaboration with major rivers basins in Africa, specific programs and projects for integrated water resources management.  

2. Support African countries in undertaking environmental assessment in post conflict/post environmental crisis situations in cooperation with the Post-Conflict Assessment Branch of UNEP to investigate impact of armed conflicts and crisis on natural resources also to identify constraints, gaps and priorities and provide recommendations for recovery, rehabilitation and remediation as well as assisting countries to mobilize resources for implementation.

Undertake environmental assessment in Liberia as impacted by 14 years of conflict and develop recommendations to face environmental challenges.
Carry out environment assessment for Somalia as impacted by Tsunami also prepare the sub-sector on environment as part of the Joined Need Assessment (JNA) process for Somalia lead by UN and WB.
Conduct comprehensive environmental assessment of Sudan based on fieldwork and remote sensing covering environmental degradation and provide recommendations for recovery.
Responding to request from the Government of Nigeria for remediation of polluted soils, comprehensive study of environmental impact of oil pollution in Ogoniland is being implemented.

3. Coordinate capacity building activities in Africa through supporting implementing of Bali Strategic Plan in Africa  
Technical support is being provided to facilitate capacity building needs assessment process in six African countries and synthesize and analyze final assessments in cooperation with the national stakeholders and UNDP offices. Also coordinate and facilitate implementation of training activities of the China Africa Cooperation on Environment that was initiated in February 2005.

Organize and facilitate consultations at expert, ministerial and heads of states levels to support the implementation of the project at the country level.
Provide technical support to the polite countries in Africa to identify main capacity needs, synthesize and analyze final reports and follow up on implementation.
Coordinate UNEP initiative on China Africa Cooperation on Environment and facilitate organizing training sessions on integrated water management for African experts.

For more information on the activities of the Natural Resources Office please contact:

Mr. Mohamed A.S. Abdel-Monem,
Natural Resources Officer,
Tel: 254-20-7624154
Fax: 254-20-7623928
Email: mohamed.abdel-monem@unep.org