Promoting Sustainable Ecosystem Services for Human Well-Being and Biodiversity

Asia Pacific boasts a high level of biological and cultural diversity. It is also a region of global importance for biodiversity conservation and is home to some of the most diverse plant and animal species in the world.


High population growth, rapid industrialization and urbanization are exerting pressures on the region's natural resource base.  To address these challenges, UNEP works closely with governments and partners in the region to ensure that environmental conditions optimize the region’s prospects for sustainable development and meet its ecological and human needs. Efforts are focused in three areas:

  • Support the restoration and maintenance of ecosystem services
  • Facilitate integration of ecosystems services/benefits in development planning, investments and accounting
  • Ensuring that countries are able to utilize ecosystem management tools

Restoring and Maintaining Ecosystems

East Asian Seas Action Plan

Protecting Marine Ecosystems Using the Green Fins Approach

Protecting and Conserving Marine Species and Habitats

The Great Apes Survival Partnership

Forest Certification for Ecosystem Service

Strengthening Forest and Ecosystem Connectivity in the RIMBA Corridor in Central Sumatra

Integrating Ecosystem Management into Development and Planning

Strengthening Coastal Zone Management 

Mapping and Enhancing Natural Resource Governance in Small Island Communities

‘Removing Barriers to Invasive Species Management in Production and Protection Forests in Southeast Asia

Utilizing Ecosystem Management Tools and Supporting Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Support to Biodiversity-Related Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Regional Global Environment Facility Projects