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Floating GardensFloating Gardens

Bangladesh faces severe problems  as a consequence of storms, cyclones and floods. The ancient practice of floating gardens - beds of straw and water hyacinths on which crops are grown - is making a comeback in the face of increased floods.

Sinking IslandsSinking Islands

In the south of Bangladesh,  islands are literally being washed away by tidal surges and storms, as a consequence of climate change in the country.

Melting GlaciersMelting Glaciers

A young well-educated Sherpa takes a journey back to his ancestral village in the Himalayas, to see for himself the problems his people face as a consequence of global warming.

Cambodia's LakeCambodia's Lake

Tonle Sap lake in central Cambodia used to be a fisherman's heaven, but growing population pressures, the advent of commercial fishing, and the onset of climate change have left the fishermen who live in beautiful floating villages on the lake shore in dire straits.

Tale of two lightsTale of two lights

In rural southern India, UNEP’s ingenious locally financed solar project is improving living conditions and, surprisingly, saving lives too!