Professor Elisabeth Mann Borgese: Co-Winner 1987

After escaping from Nazi Germany in 1933, Elisabeth Mann Borgese, youngest daughter of the great German writer Thomas Mann, became a world-renowed scholar in the fields of international relations, law of the sea and marine environment.

In 1970, she organized the first of many Pacem in Maribus meetings in which she was involved in bringing together more than 200 key figures in law of the sea development. Two years later she was a key participant in the formation of an International Ocean Institute at the Royal University of Malta. She has attended all United Nations meetings on the Law of the Sea since 1968.

Mrs Mann Borgese is President of the International Ocean Institute and Professor of Political Science at Dalhousie University in Canada. It was in 1967, while serving as a Fellow of the Centre for Democratic Institutions, that she shifted her focus of attention to the law of the sea, which she recognized as an area of growing environmental crisis and a possible test-bed for ideas she had developed concerning a common global constitution.

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Professor Elisabeth Mann Borgese
President International Ocean Institute
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Dalhousie University
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